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This costume was originally bought off an ebay seller. But as they say, you get what you pay for. And this costume had been pretty cheap. Darling ended up having to rip everything apart and start anew with what they had given her. The original dress' belt had been attached too high up on the stomach, the shoulders did not puff, the skirt and hakama were entirely see-through, and the small crop of the jacket had no zipper. 

Darling cut the sleeves off entirely, and sewed the puff shoulders to elastic to make a more rounded look. An undershirt was worn with new sleeve details. A new belt was made and the old one pulled off. Lining was added to every layer, and the keyhole dress was re-hemmed shorter. The jacket was given a zipper and all of the lining in the outfit was painted over with a darker black.  Finally, a pair of black boots were painted in the appropriate design. 

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