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Oerba Yun Fang



The teal sari was actually made up of three separate pieces. One to fold around the shoulder, one to wrap around the waist, and a third to hang from the hip. Each piece was cut and hand hemmed. The 'embroidery' or trim of the sari was all hand painted, first white, then gold, and then using a stenciled stamp, the teal designs. The top was a cut and altered sports bra. The belt was easily purchased, stripped and painted gold. Fur wefts were added to the belt and the boots were regular brown knee highs that were cut. The arm warmers were cut and hemmed socks and all of the jewelry was hand made from sculpy, baked and painted. Fang's tattoos was drawn on each day the costume was worn. The double bladed lance was a bit of a challenge. It came out a bit too large, because Sheila had measured the staff in proportion to Fang on the reference photo, and transferred that to her own. 

The whole thing was based from a red mop extension. It was built upon with craft foam, ribbon, rubber grips, sculpy and painted. The blade's are four separate pieces of foam core, with layers of craft foam. All of the lettering is hand painted and they attached to the blade via altered soda cans.  

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