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Remember Me


Nilin's jacket was made from scratch completely, with remains of an old skiing jacket. It was tailored to fit, cropped, with black bias tape added, zippers added, and lined with orange leather. Her shirt was bought and altered, and jean leggings were bought and painted over to look weathered. Her armored legs were made from stretch vinyl, foam core and craft foam to look like they were plated. The orange, white and red lines were all painted on. 

Her glove was made similarly. With a satin base, I added craft foam armor on top, and slid an EL ribbon into slots made in the craft foam. The El wire is charged by a battery pack. I also made a detachable arrangement of frosted acetate for her 'Overload' effect. A sensen was made from craft foam and acetate as well. 

EL Tape

While we do not want to hide our mistakes, we want to acknowledge that this cosplay features brownfacing, which we do not condone. Please do not make the same mistakes we did. Do not change you're skin tone for a cosplay if it's a skin tone that infers ethnicity or race.

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