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Ao No Exorcist


The shorts were made from cut pants that were hemmed and stuffed with cotton. The extra material of the cut pants was used to make a white blazer into a coat tail jacket. New buttons were added and painted. Craft foam was used to make the collar into the swirl design, and add detail to the cuffs.  Mephisto's cape was made from two fabrics: a large purple silk sheet made into lining for the cape and a white tablecloth for the outer cape. It was made into two parts, the cape itself, and the top, shorter parka. Cardboard was inserted to the top half of the small parka, to add a new collar. The cape comes together with some gold cord in the front.

The hat was made entirely from scratch. We used foam core and poster-board to make a base shape, and draped that shape in fabric. The brim was made from wire, stretching out more white material. The round decor around the hat is made from ultralight sculpy and painted. The brooch was also made with sculpy, and painted with enamel.   The boots were originally black, bought and sprayed maroon. The pink polkadot neckerchief is actually a hair band that was found. The gloves, stockings, and ears were all bought online. 

Finally, the teeth. Sylar's Mephisto teeth are shaved down acrylic nails that were then glued onto an Invisalign retainer, that he had from his time wearing invisible braces. We were very lucky he had suffered through all the sets of invisible braces, because now we have many clear molds of his teeth to make sharp fangs.  

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