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The costume consists of a lot of separate pieces. The shirt was sewn from a pattern! A few changes were made though, the front isn't two pieces like the pattern suggests. White bias tape was used to make the collar edging. And the white of the sleeveless edges is painted on. The pants were bought nurse scrubs. The wrap skirt is brown and blue suede with fur trim. 

The shoes are simple old uggs bought from a thrift store with the brown strap and fur glued on.The optional Korra parka was made from a large dark blue sweater that was cut into shape with fur trim and blue cord. The circle ornament was made completely from craft foam and the sleeves were finished with white bias tape. 

The navy blue armbands are cut navy blue tights with white craft foam lining. The bicep band was made from the fabric of the shirt, painted in fabric paint for the designs and velcroed on. The hair ornaments were thin cut tubes of cardboard (plastic can be used too) fabric glued around them and white craft foam rims. They have to be threaded onto Darling's hair via a bobby pin. No wig is being used!

Tunic Pattern

While we do not want to hide our mistakes, we want to acknowledge that this cosplay features brownfacing, which we do not condone. Please do not make the same mistakes we did. Do not change you're skin tone for a cosplay if it's a skin tone that infers ethnicity or race.

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