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The skirts are made up of four layers. The bottom layer was a simple cut red skirt with gold borders painted on. The intricate side panels were cut from heavy red curtain material and hand painted delicately with 3D fabric paint. A black velvet skirt was cut for the front triangle panels and top layer. They were painted with silver borders and gold buttons lined them. The fur trim was added the waistband of the skirts. Pants are worn beneath them.  


The top is made from a pre-bought black corset that was hand painted gold. Buttons were added, and then craft foam was used for the top decoration of the corset. The red sleeves and top were cut from a red shirt, hemmed to a crop jacket and sewn to the inside of the corset. Fur was added to the collar and all the hems were painted gold. In the back, the Albion seal was made from foam core and attached. The neck collar was cut from the red shirt as well, lace was added and it pins on via a button.  The pauldrons were made from curtain tassels, craft foam and foam core.  The gloves and boots were purchased, and their gold designs were painted on. The crown was molded from sculpy and then gold leafed.  



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