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Dragon Age


This costume was quite intense. I made the belt from some heavy chipboard supporting  suede fabric and then 'stitched' it with 3D fabric paint. Fur trim was added, and then I weathered the suede. The buckle (and thigh buckle) was molded from sculpy, baked and painted.  The tunic was a large  dress that I altered. It was painted and weathered. I used a knit sweater for the chain mail, spraying it silver and attaching only the sleeves to the tunic.

All of the armor was drawn out and stenciled by me before cutting it all from craft foam. It was sealed with mod podge, painted, textured, and shaped with heat. The elbow and shoulder armor is attached to knee pads.  All the armor has more suede padding, that is hand 'stitched' just like the belt. I bought the fur collar. Finally, my Parthalon staff is made from a real tree branch, with a craft foam sword (reinforced with dowels) and a garden light, that collects UVs and lights up. The branches around the light are fake branches from a plastic plant. And the rivets on the wood were made with hot glue. 

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