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The corset is made from individually cut pieces of Recollections Metallic Foil Card stock paper. It's individually glued onto a base corset that I order off ebay, and then removed the lacing from and the front zipper. I added a zipper in the back in order for me to get in and out. I also added Recollections adhesive jewels and Swarovski crystal rhinestones. The skirt is made from some stretchy dance wear material with an original pattern and it's fully lined! The skirt is also sprayed with a gradient paint to transition the corset into the skirt.

The cape is made from glitter net, with snowflakes made by cutting out the stencils in paper, using spray mount to set the stencil on the netting and more spray mount to set down fine glitter. The designs were done the same way on the top, which was made from a thick chiffon and an original pattern.  
The shoes are made by cutting the straps from some heels and adding thick soft plastic and spraying it lightly. 

Thank you SO MUCH to my friend Izzy for letting me borrow her wig or this costume. I couldn't have been Elsa without your help! SYLAR was the one who styled this wig completely. 


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