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Fable III
AX 2012


The jacket was made from a 2-piece suit. The pants were cut to add coat tails to the blazer and to add bigger sleeve cuffs. Two feather boas were used instead of a fur collar, because we thought it would puff more than a flat piece of fur. The jacket was lined with brown piping and gold buttons were added to the sleeves, coat corners, and along the sides and front of the pants (which were purchased.) The vest was made from a brown velvet tunic cut and tailored to fit Sylar. The extra length of velvet sleeves was cut off and used as the buckles. The buttons are all functional, and the Reaver symbol was made from craft foam. 

Sylar wore a black shirt underneath and used a silk ribbon for the cravat bow. The brooch was found and replaced with a red gem. The hat was based from an actual top hat. Felt was added to it to make the entire thing much taller. The goggles were made from scratch, with their made lenses from a pair of John Lennon sunglasses, the rims were made from the bottoms of water bottles, and a leather purse strap made their side straps. The gloves and boots were purchased.  

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