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The Astrologian dress is made up of three layers. The top layer is a black velvet and sewn from an original pattern. It was trimmed with a white lace and laid over a grey pleated circle skirt sewn with an original pattern and both lay on top of a bought hoop skirt. The shawl was sewn from a grey broadcloth and trimmed with lace and tassel trim. The panel between both skirts was sewn from extra velvet and trimmed in gold fringes.


Every gold and silver adornment is made from craft foam. With added tassels, gems, and enamel painted googley eyes. 


The astrologian's mask is a astrologian trimmed in gold painted craft foam, with sewn elastic and a sewn tassel. 


The hat was a bought base with a foam extension to create the top shape. A jewel was sewn in, with pearls and craft foam added. 


Finally, the Astroglobe is made from three tiered rings of foam core. Craft foam and googley eyes made up the decals and gems. It's all string on the center with fishing wire, beaded between rings so that it may all spin. An armature wire was added around the circumference where the cards were glued on .

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