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Arthur Morgan's

Ver. 01

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05/30/19 First Version released. 



On the right you will find a download link from my dropbox to Arthur Morgan's journal, with 460 pages in total! 

The digital version is in spread layout. For easy Reading. 


The print version is sized at individual pages, 5.8 x 8.3 with trim marks, ready for a 6 x 8.5 or 6 x 9 journal, should you choose to make your own. 

Also included is a zip file to every entry individually! In case you want a specific drawing or entry. 

Is it free?
Yes, is it completely free. I do not feel right selling this in any way. Not only cause its beautiful and should be shared, but because I also believe this should have come with your issue of the game. 

It's criminal this wasn't already done for players to check their progress, or for them to review outside the console. I myself wanted to collect all sketches but was aghast to find no one even knew how many there were or how to get them all.  

That being said I claim no copyrights please don't hurt me Rockstar I love you.

How did you do this?
I spent 3 months compiling screenshots from my PS4 game, cleaning them in photoshop, and cataloging every entry before making the file in Indesign. 


What is included?

Every single story and stranger mission, every Point of Interest that Arthur draws, every herbs/flower in New Hanover, every Legendary Animal (including the panther), as well as every animal sketch I could attain from my game. 

There are NO duplicate drawings save for the dinosaur mission, which happens to have an Arthur AND john version. 

That being said, John's epilogue is included! As is what I deemed Rockstar intended as his entries. That basically means, everything in New Austin, as Arthur cannot access that area.


What is still missing?

As you can imagine; it was discovered that Arthur, in fact, DOES have sketches for much of the New Austin content, but I was unable to get all of it. Big shout out to Arthur Araujo . for sending me the legendary animals and some POI. 

That being said, there are a few things missing. I'm going to continue trying to fill the gaps but if you are interested in helping; this is a google link to the list of what is left.


How do I send you missing pages?

The best files are screenshots from the game via PS4 or Xbone. 
The lighting needs to be good. Normally I head to a hotel/saloon with good light, stand next to a window, and take a screenshot. If it's a full page entry, zooming in is not required. 

If you transfer that to USB, email the file to and I will add it and thank you by name here on the site. 

Will you do a John Marston version?
I'm... I'm gonna go to sleep first.

Doing a John version would require me to play the entire game without so much as looking at anything besides the story and then doing everything all over again for John before I could even start collecting screenshots and editing them.

I can't say I'm NOT interested in doing that... just... not right now. Check back again next week.  

To make you feel better, I've discovered that A LOT of johns sketches are actually unfinished Arthur Morgan ones. It seems Rockstar either traced wonky versions of Arthur work or used incomplete ones for him. That said, all his stranger mission stuff is original and contains cute doodles so maybe I'll just do those.








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These files are NOT for any resale of any kind. I do not approve of products being made from these files as they are intended to be free use. Private creations are okay, but I do not want to risk a cease and desist of these files because they are being sold.



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